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Traditional and Warm

This mood is inspired by the italian livestyle, which rappresents: the importance that italians give to the family, enjoying to spend time with friends and giving a warm welcome to the guests.

The interiors are designed for the many often visits  of family and friends, a warm atmosphere that transmits peace and serenity.

The kitchen is the heart of this place, where to rediscover the ancient traditions and flavors.

What makes this mood comfortable and relaxing is the warm color palette, that wraps around the house, it enables us to create and experience  an intimate atmosphere, which is typical for the Tuscany region.

The colors are shades of “terra di sienna”, “sunny yellow”,”warm white” and chocolate browns” and  textured finishing such as stone, brick, marble, rough wood and terracotta tiles.

The furniture made of furnishing and decorations that will have all of the above characteristics, made this a home that will be pass on to future generations.


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