MADE IN SILICY, , he studied Architecture at Politecnico di Milano. In 1996 he decided to open his own studio and this event marks the start of his carrier as a professional.

In 2000 MGAlab was founded: today the studio is leader in the design of public and private places, it works in different part of Italy, open to work abroad as well.


"I think my job is to build stages and staged where the aim is to design Visual, tactile and olfactory sensations and emotions. The continuous ratio between the various public and private clients, has meant that I've developed a particular sartorial sensibility, almost, in the way of designing: an eclectic way of doing architecture, which deals with the needs of the customer and with the characteristics of the place. "


"The experience of recent years has led me to design public buildings related to entertainment and leisure, (lounge-bars, restaurants, nightclubs, shops, etc.) helped me to start a process of reflection on how to combine the functional aspect of an emotional design, on how to influence the people who attend the location, what to communicate and how to trigger the immediate visceral reaction that we like to call "Wow" factor. It ... I like it. "










Interior Architect


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Interior Designer


People who worked with us:

Simone Zanetti, Nicolò Marturano, Leonardo Battistini, Luca Olivero, Dalrea Stemberga, Sofya Gurevich, Lillà Di Biase, Maria Prone, Massimo Ardemagni, Gaia Resi, Sofija Mehandjiska, Andrea Pozzoli, Federica Nobis, Gianluca Caramelli, Emanuele Daniele, Alessandra Pluchino