Designed by Giovanni Musica


Six is a hexagonal wooden floor (60 cm in diameter), designed by Architect Giovanni Musica, which incorporates the concept of tradition of hexagonal floor but using various types of wood.


SIXILY is a wooden hexagonal tile, where thanks to a sophisticated technique, earthenware decorations are inserted that resemble the traditional Sicilian majolica.


And for this reason the name is not accidental, since it evokes the love that the architect has for his land and traditions. This is where you configure the game between nature and artifice; a trunk that becomes a floor, a six-pointed flower that is engraved on it, all in a hexagonal shape, the absolute pure and symbolic geometrical shape that can exist in nature.

A floor in which are interwoven technique, symbolism and beauty.


SIXILY floor technology, "Lendilegno Meggreen", made from various woods of laminated veneer and rubber mat and Cork, in order to ensure the high performance power that distinguishes them.

T H E  S I X  C O L L E C T I O N

 The thickness