Scoglitti (RG) - 2015

The goal is to create a pedestrian promenade equipped, including the redevelopment of the beach.

Will expand the footpath through the construction of a new promenade approximately 10 meters extending toward the sea, equipped with seating, bicycle racks, bins for recycling, touring for tourist activities and gastronomic, planting of trees and in general everything that can serve consumers.

Coupled to this, but at lower levels, will be placed a fast track for jogging (with width varying between 1.50 and 2.00 meters) and a cycle path (between 3.00 and 3, 50meters).


The project has as its starting point the lighthouse area, representing a point of connection to the square Sorelle Arduino, but also represents a historical and cultural element, being tourist information center today.

In this joint that held a square where host events, flea markets, where there will be spaces for children, food and equipped areas for public activities.


The project foresees, through elements of street furniture or the construction of sports facilities, to configure this square as an aggregation point.


The new walkway, will extend to the beach through a cast of concrete, while the other two paths, jogging trails and cycle paths will be laid on the sand with a concrete reinforced.