Marina di Ragusa (RG) - 2013

In front of waterfront of Marina di Ragusa, a few minute from the nightlife centre, you will find Quattro Quarti, a real living on the coast. Already from the side of the bar we can realize the refinement and attention to detail of this restaurant.


The counter has a geometric shape, which is put out by the lighting: in this case a balanced division between cold lights down and the warm color of the part above.

In the relax area with comfortable sofas and large cushions, large and delicate white draperies adorn the ceiling of Quattro Quarti to give us a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. The colors are typical of the houses overlooking the Mediterranean, Spain dominated by Arabic style, to the shores of Egypt.

Bright lanterns create a magic atmosphere. The area of couches is on different levels carefully lit. In addition to several seats were chosen of elegant structures covered with sheer fabrics and light. The colors are consistent with the proposed: a small dream made of white and sand colors.