Milano - 2015



For this project we had to design a space in Milan, where we thought of mixing innovation and tradition, to maintain and promote our history.


Located in the heart of New Darsena comes a Coffe & Bistrot location who called “il salumaio della Darsena”. It was born to create a place that can unite the various needs of customers of different targets at all hours of the day, offering a service of "All Day Long", from breakfast to after-dinner drinks that can keep alive a permanently more in this development as the new Darsena.

It was thought then to propose a brand that sells not only the product, but it was above all "experience". Combining a traditional café to "bottega" (revisited so international), it was decided to give it a name that evokes a trade and an Italian tradition: "Il Salumaio" – Coffe & Bistrot.

Innovation and tradition come together in a Brand Contemporary. The products will be prevailing Lombardi short chain, thus enhancing the regionality of the product offered.