Milano (MI) - 2014

A prestigious flat in the heart of Milano, result of an accurate renovation, calm mood but full of symbolism.


A way of living thattakes inspiration from the gratness of theaters, an accurate research on colors, selecting trendy but noninvasive colors and fabrics.

A very important role is the one given to the light as a key elementof our project where the dualism between a technical light (alwayshidden) and a decorative one is always shown.

From the main entrance you get into the living room, focus of the family life, where you can find an iron fireplace and a big diningtable. 

You can find the symbolism here in the oval shape of the entrance, symbol of life and fertility.

The bedroom has been conceived as a private place full of comforts, a small “suite” where you can see how contemporaryway of living has changed.

Comfort and beauty are keywords and materials used are asnatural as possible: iron, marble and soundproof elm wool.