Milano (MI) - Piazza Trivulziana - 2015


Milano (MI) - Via VIttori Pisani - 2012


Milano (MI) - Via De Amicis - 2012

The Farinami Group provides a formula of great charm and success. Born in 2009 from the idea of young entrepreneurs, to open a retail stores with products that have as a basis the flour of different types, (wheat, cereal, kamut, etc..), all linked to the excellence of the PGI products with the aim of promoting the culture of good food made in Italy.

The new affiliate of  Farinami Group joins an ever-expanding network, with numerous retail stores all around the North Italy. The franchisee may apply to the head office for advice and  suggestions, as well as to perform daily product orders.



The Farinami Group is placed on the market with two "formats".

“Farinami” with size greater than 70 square meters is located in areas with a high proportion of professionals and tourists such as town centers and structures of great transit: airports, stations.

In the case of small propriety (25-45 square meters) is constituted the so called "Farinami Express" format. It is located in pedestrian areas with strong presence of tourists and students or shopping malls with a takeaway format for quick consumption.