About us

We are an architecture and design firm and we invest in Made in Italy excellence.

The MGAlab's firm has a synergetic and expert team, every project for us is unique and customized. We believe in the organization' strenght and power, in the professionality that allow us to work all around the world in different kind of projects, thanks to our network of experts.

We develop quality projects based on the clients needs, making every work an exclusive experience.

Our project's attitude is constantly developing new models of business, operational and strategic consulting.

Starting from analysis and research, passing though feasibility study, we create an unique concept that link the history and the identity of the place.

In the planning phase, we produce technical drawings and 3D visualizations, focusing on practical and functional aspects, both regarding a house, a commercial spaces and office, making the right choice for furnitures, materials and finishing for every space.

We offer strategic and operational consultation going to create a project through new business models and unforgettable experiences for people through 4 main phases: research, testing, design, interaction with the customer.

Resarch Location Consultancy

Architecture & Interior Design

Feasibility Analysis

Concept Design

Communication & Press Office

Graphic Design

Brand Identity

Design Thinking


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